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Crosshair Customs – Custom Manufacturing

Crosshair Customs – Custom Manufacturing

We have over 18,000 square feet of manufacturing space available ready to go to work for you. We specialize in custom receiver and suppressor manufacturing from small batches to large orders.


Forged Receivers

  • AR-15 Lowers
  • AR-15 Uppers

Custom Suppressors

  • Mono-core Suppressors
  • Integrated Suppressors

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Who We Are

We have over 40 years of machining experience in the building and multiple CNC’s with 4th axis capability on everything. Currently, we can produce about 5500 receivers per month with the ability to expand as needed.

Most of our current customers are on a weekly plan, however monthly plans are available. Offering a weekly plan helps eliminate some of the upfront costs for our customers. Feel free to choose a plan that works for your business.

  • There is a one time setup fee of $100 on orders less than a quantity of 50.
  • Mono-core suppressors are coming soon with a base price of $350
  • We offer volume discounts with a signed letter of intent to purchase goods.
  • We’ll handle all the ATF paperwork to get you started.
  • We simplify the process of having products manufactured offsite.
  • Build your own brand today with custom manufactured lower receivers featuring your name and logo.

From large to small businesses, Crosshair Customs offers a range of services to fit your manufacturing needs.